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Adventures in the Life of Spaulding

When I was about four or five years old my Mom gave me a little calendar to put next to by bed. It had all the numbers and dates as magnets and you would just rearrange them from month to month. One of the magnets that it came with was a little tent that was to signify a camping trip.

I remember asking my Dad if he could take me camping, he agreed and I put the magnet on the calendar. I didn’t forget about it! The Friday night we were supposed to go came along and when my Dad got home from work, I was ready to go. I remember telling him it was our night to go camping and I think he forgot but we went. I don’t really remember that much about the trip. I know that my brothers were there. My Dad built a fire and I’m pretty sure we had macaroni and cheese with chopped up hot-dogs in it, this is a staple when my Dad was cooking for us. Mostly because it’s really tasty, but also because it’s easy and cheap.

From then on, going through cub scouts, boy scouts, and countless other camping trips. I have fallen in love with the outdoors, and going on adventures. I’ve been on some pretty amazing trips, from day hikes to 50-mile trips over a week. I’ve done a lot.

However, there is so much more that I haven’t done, there are tons of people who would scoff a t a 50-mile back packing trip, and there are others who wouldn’t ever want to do a 5-mile trip. Recently I have been reading a lot about what is called ‘thru hiking.’ This extreme distance hikes that can take months to complete.

While that might be a long way off in the future for me currently, the beautiful part about travel is the dreams that you create. Planning a trip, following through with it, the feeling of accomplishment. I feel that it translates into all parts of life, not to mention the mental health benefits from being in nature!

The purpose of this part of my blog is to illustrate the trips I go on, the people I meet, the food I eat, and the way that traveling, seeking adventure, and learning from mistakes, builds a better person.

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